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    WWU’s 3rd Annual WWU Give Day is on June 1, 2018.


    Please visit our 2018 WWU Give Day Page to learn about exciting challenges and opportunities to support WWU!


    We will only share and cross-promote posts tagged #WWUGiveDay that abide by our Guidelines for Participation:

    Be humane: Behind the computer screen, there are real humans with real feelings; avoid insulting language or belittling statements.

    Be ethical: Respect privacy; avoid deception, libel, or falsities; post only non-copyrighted material.

    Be credible: Impress yourself and others by presenting your insights with care.

    Personal attacks: Direct insults directed towards other users will not be tolerated. If someone is wrong on the internet, you can address it without attacking their person. We’ll remove personal attacks, insulting language or belittling statements at our discretion.

    Offensive language: Racial or other identity-based slurs employed in derogatory ways will be removed. While it may be fine to talk about the use of this sort of language, it’s not okay to use it with malice.

    Inappropriate content: Content posted in relation to this campaign is expected to be “safe for work.” If you post inappropriate content directly to this campaign or fail to describe a link, the content will be flagged as inappropriate and blocked from our audiences.