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    Give Big, Give Blue!

    1607 gifts

    $386,987 Raised

    $190,200 in Matching Funds

    Thank you for making history!


    On June 1st, WWU Give Day, Vikings around the globe united for a 24-hour fundraising campaign in support of students.  Together, we made a tremendous difference by giving to our favorite department, scholarship or program.  A percentage of every gift was matched by a WWU Give Day Challenge (see below for details).


    Giving Opportunities

    Our community was encouraged to support our favorite colleges, departments and programs at Western. Challenge Funds followed our gifts to benefit the area we chose to support.  Thank you!

    Click on the photos below to learn more about funding needs for a variety of WWU programs and how gifts make an impact.

    Don’t forget to check out all the project specific challenge matches and the great faculty and student led special projects at, our crowdfunding platform.  Many projects have continued after WWU Give Day and need your on-going advocacy and support!

    Questions or still want to make a gift? You can give here and type in the area on campus you’d like to support or call the WWU Foundation at (360) 650-3027.

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    • Woodring College of Education
    • Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Huxley College of the Environement
    • College of Fine & Performing Arts
    • Scholarships
    • Support for Undocumented Students
    • Athletics
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    WWU Give Day Student Challenge

    For every gift given by a student to their favorite department, club, team or scholarship at WWU, alumnus Dave Mann (’82) and his wife Ann Thomson Mann matched that gift with $30!  One hundred sixty six students met this $5,000 challenge! 

    WWU Give Day Student-Directed Bonus

    Two WWU students secured a $1,000 gift on June 1, either by their own means or a friend or family member.  These gifts were doubled by matching funds!

    WWU Give Day Recent Grad Challenge

    The first $5,000 in gifts (up to $1,000 per donor) made by ’14, ’15, ’16 and ’17 graduates were doubled through the Recent Grad Challenge Match.

    Area Specific Challenge Funds

    Visit to learn about Matching Funds designated for specific departments, programs and projects. 

    WWU Give Day Challenge Fund

    We received more than $37,000 in challenge funds for specific areas and more than $133,000 in unrestricted challenge funds from generous donors.  WWU Give Day Challenge Fund matching dollars followed the donor’s gifts and were allocated as a percentage calculated based on the following equation. 

    Total Matching Pool ($133,927) ÷ Total Give Day Donations ($352,439)= Match % (38%)

    *Once specific Challenges were met, 38% of all remaining gifts were matched by the unrestricted WWU Give Day Challenge Fund.




    Thank you to our generous Challenge Fund donors!

    Amanda Murphy and John Antos, Andrew Kositsky and Maria Mazzei, Anne Cooper '86, Bryan Page '03, Clint Spiegel, Dave Mann '82 and Ann Thomson Mann, Dave Patrick,  The Ferguson Foundation, George and Linda Mariz, Gragg and Betty Miller, Jack Cullen '73, Jean Carter '79 and Jerry Sparrow, Jennifer Kutcher '97 and Michael Kutcher, Jerry Thon '75 and Truc Thon, '82, Jim Vyvyan, Joe Erickson '83 and Kelli Arntzen  '82, Karen Richards '82 and Lane Richards, Kris and Doug Ilgenfritz, Marjorie and Allen Hatter, Mitch Eggers '85 and Lisa Eggers, Pete Dawson, Ralph Rinne, Rick Anderson ‘73 and Lori Anderson, Sal Russo, Members of the Sociology Faculty, Spencer Anthony-Chaill, Steve Emory, Steven and Victoria Garfinkle, Thomas Pouliot ’12 and Rebecca Pouliot, Tony George '86, Tony Pechthalt '87 and Diana Pechthalt '87, Wells Fargo, The Western Fund, WWU Alumni Association.


    This day would not be possible without our generous donors to the Challenge Match. If you are interested in inspiring philanthropy by funding a match for next year's WWU Give Day, please contact Angie Vandenhaak at


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I give to on Western Give Day?

    You decide! Donations can be made to your favorite department, program or scholarship on campus. See a full list of funds here or feel free to call (360) 650-3274 with to learn more about the areas and projects on campus that need your support

    I cannot afford to make a large gift. Will my donation really make a difference?

    Yes! When we collectively give back, even the smallest donation makes a difference. On #WWUGiveDay, a percentage of every gift will be matched, making your impact even greater.

    Additionally, your gift contributes to our University donor participation rate, which raises Western’s profile in national rankings and increases the value of a Western degree. 

    Where is the match coming from?

    Members of the WWU Foundation Board and the WWU Alumni Association have generously provided this year’s WWU Give Day match. 

    Can my employer match the gift I make on #WWUGiveDay?

    Many companies will match their employees' gifts to the University, increasing its impact or even doubling or tripling its value! Find information about your company’s gift matching policy by selecting “Click here to find your company” on Western’s giving page at

    Is my #WWUGiveDay donation tax-deductible?

    Yes! All gifts to Western Give Day are considered a donation to Western Washington University. Your gift will be acknowledged with a receipt for your tax purposes from Advancement Services. 

    For any other questions about giving back to Western, please feel free to email or reach us by phone at 360-650-3027.Thank you for your participation on June 1!

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